About Makgoshi Maponyane


Makgoshi is an independent woman who strongly believes in Self-love.

She says "Self love has made me realize that I have the power and capability to go after all I see possible. Self love made me understand the power of choice, that I choose to empower myself, I choose what I think about myself, who I surround myself with. 

I choose what suits me and, when I'm not choosing, I'm making a choice of not participating in the direction my life is heading, Self love has taught me to be intentional."


This 35 year old holds a B-Tech Cost and Management Accounting Degree obtained at University of Johannesburg. She is currently a facilities administrator and is training as a life coach and NLP Practitioner. Makgoshi is also a musician with a golden voice, and she is in the process of releasing a single.


During her year of reign as Miss Bachelorette South Africa, Makgoshi plans to visit schools and teach young people, especially girls about different types of abuse and the importance of being financially and emotionally independent. She will also be doing motivational talks at social gatherings to instill the notion of self love in women and the importance of serving as each other's support structures regardless of our marital status. She will also be organising a number of projects with the purpose of raising funds for Miss Bachelorette's adopted charity organisation, Thyrest Restoration Home.